Hello there everyone!

Rosie here from Simply Gourmet- Where all you need is a little love and simple ingredients to make a delicious meal for your loved one or for your family and friends.

After hosting many dinners, lunches, and get-togethers, I was always asked questions like “what the hell is in this dish?!” or “teach me how to make this!” or one of my favorites- “what should I make for dinner tonight?” I then realized that this was the perfect opportunity to share some of my recipes and techniques I have learned from being in my own kitchen as well as a culinary arts kitchen. So I started Simply Gourmet.

Simply Gourmet is about concocting quick and easy meals that are delicious and “gourmet.”  This is for all those people with hectic scheduales. I totally know how it is to have a crazy day and so little time to make a meal.  You shouldn’t need so much time or tons of ingredients to make an awesome and appetizing meal. At Simply Gourmet, all you need is a little love and simple ingredients to make a delicious meal.

I really hope you enjoy my posts and bring them from your computer screen all the way to your home. Always remember- food is about bringing people together around one table and making memories.

Stay tuned for some great new ideas and recipes.

With love,

Rosie Bawabeh

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