Butternut Squash Soup


On a cold winter day, a hot bowl of soup is all you want! This recipe is easy and loved by Kids and Adults.


6 cups cut and peeled butter nut Squash

1 Honey crisp apple

1 cup baby carrots

1 onion chopped

1 container imagine vegetable broth

2 Tablespoons olive oil

olive oil or olive oil cooking spray

Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. Chop onion and saute in a pot with 2 tablespoons olive oil
  2. Place butternut squash apple and carrots on a tray and spray with Olive oil Pam (if you don’t have olive oil Pam you can use regular or drizzle with olive oil).
  3. Roast on 375 for 20 minutes or untill soft (scroll down to see how the vegetables should look roasted)
  4. Add roasted vegetables to the sautéed onion.
  5. Add vegetable broth (till it’s about six inches over the vegetables)
  6. Bring to a boil and simmer for 45 minutes- 1 hour
  7. Puree with an immersion blender or regular blender
  8. Add water to the puree if the consistency is too thick
  9. salt and pepper to taste

Optional- serve with truffle oil as shown in picture!



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